Looking ahead 2017

wp-1483845600929.jpgHello friends, yeah I know that the “rule” is to write these “goals” types of posts before the New Year, but I’m always a little late with these things. All apologies! And I’m not writing a year end wrap up for 2016 either. While there were some good moments, it’s a year I don’t want to repeat anytime soon. (Or ever.)

So, what will I try to pull off in 2017? In general:

  • More bike riding. Yes, this is something I pretty much say EVERY year. But 2016 has felt like such a low point. Even with a fancy new bike, I didn’t have as many bike adventures to note. I do ride pretty much every day (about a 12 mile roundtrip commute to work) but that’s not enough. And I always feel better when I go on a ride. But sometimes I jinx myself and psyche myself out of rides, not into them. This self-destructive thinking has got to stop.
  • More camping and touring. Again, 2016 didn’t have as much bike camping as I had hoped. Again, I tended to psyche myself out of more camping opportunities than into them. This has also got to stop. As for touring, I did only one real tour last year, the Islands/Sounds adventure in Sept/Oct. That was good, but not enough. While I do want to do a “big” trip again, I know that 2017 is not the year, as I need to save up some cash for that and think about some other things. But one tour in a year is definitely not enough, so I need to figure out ways around that.
  • Explore new places. While the Islands/Sounds Tour was good, it featured a lot of spots that I’ve hit before. I realize that there are several parts of Oregon that I have rarely to never hit up, and I should tour these places too.
  • Do more creative things. Yeah, I always need to draw more, but there is other stuff beyond blogging and posting pictures on the internet. I’ve been meaning to update my Cycle Touring Primer for YEARS, so I should definitely work on that soon!

And for some more concrete plans:

  • I hope to spend a couple weeks in California in March. It’s been three years since I’ve been to the Bay Area, and eight since I’ve been to Southern California!
  • I plan on heading out to the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour as well. Maybe you’ll join me this time?
  • As for big tours, like stated earlier, I’d like to do some explorations in the “untapped” areas of the state, namely Eastern Oregon. Southern Oregon would also be a good spot too!

And a more personal goal: Last year, I got into a brief relationship with someone. It was good while it lasted, but was too brief and not meant to last. This was the first time I went out with someone since breaking up with April three years previous. That breakup was harder on me than I thought it should. Having the idea of love in my life again was great and then it was gone. It was nice having that validation because I didn’t feel that without someone else.

And that made me realize that I need to learn how to like myself, with or without someone else in the picture. Y’see, I’m pretty much estranged from my family, and while I have a decent amount of friends, I’ve never had a “best friend”. I’ve been a loner more by default than by choice. You’d think I’d be able to get used to myself after 41 years on the planet, but I still haven’t reached that point to feel good about myself. I didn’t realize that until I got into a long-term relationship with April. My idea of self-worth improved because I had someone who loved me, and someone to love. With her gone, there was a hole in my life. I was hoping new love would plug it up, but I need to learn how to plug it up myself.

I need to realize my self-worth and not be so damn hard on myself all the time. I need to be okay when things don’t work out as planned. I need to learn to take care of myself. I’m not saying I’m not looking for someone else, but I need to realize that someone else is not going to figure out these things for me.

And on a more positive note, there should be some changes at my work this year, namely a new schedule. For the past several years I’ve been working a Thursday through Monday schedule. While having weekdays off can be nice for some things, it’s getting old since most people I know want to do things on a weekend. If I have enough advance notice I can get a weekend day off, but that’s the key: advance notice. It would be nice to have a bit of the weekend off automatically so I could do things. And that will happening come February, where I should be transitioning to Sunday and Monday off. It’s not a true weekend, I know, but having at least Sunday off means more opportunities to do things with others will open up. It also means that it could be possible to do close-by camping with folks on a Saturday night. And I would still have a weekday off, and that would be nice too!

I hope you all have a good 2017.

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  1. Heh–we were apparently on the same page (and with the same lateness) about these new year type posts;) Funny to read yours after I wrote mine;)

    Re: your personal goal: I recently read a book that ultimately led me to http://www.thebookoflife.org/ which is full of great gems about life and figuring yourself out in and out of relationships. What I like most about it is that taken as a whole, it’s a super generous approach to living, in which you basically just acknowledge that you’re crazy, but that’s okay. heh. I’m having a hard time summarizing, but basically he takes the approach that rather than expecting yourself to be perfect, it’s much more kind to just work around the crazies. Maybe it’ll be interesting. Or maybe it’s just the spot I’m in that it speaks to me right now;)

    Either way, happy 2017! It’s gonna be awesome!! 🙂

  2. Just want to say that I look forward to see your posts in my email. Getting out on the bike in nature and being more creative is always an ongoing goal that I feel I fall short on too.

    Keep up the riding, creating, photos, and posts. I find them motivating, not that you are out to motivate others.

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