Vancouver New Year Trip: The wrap-up

wp-1483838701041.jpgIt’s been a few days since I returned to Portland from my Vancouver holiday. And since then, I managed to get laid up by a nasty cold. Glad it happened after the trip, not during!

Overall, it was a fun little trip, a nice getaway to clear my head. It doesn’t hurt that Vancouver is one of my favorite cities. While I maybe don’t love it with the same fervor I did ten years ago, it holds a special place in my heart. I got to see quite a bit of my old friends, which is always good. And I hit up a few of my favorite spots, also good.

Still, the snow threw a monkey wrench in my plans of “biking around a lot”. In fact, one of the reasons I decided to spend four full days in town (one more than usual) was to do that. I did consider cutting the trip a little short, but by that time the cost to rebook the return trip would have been double what I initially payed. So I decided to stick around the whole time. And having that extra day meant the ability to see a friend who I couldn’t see on the other days, so that’s good.

But even as good as the trip was, I had a nagging feeling in the back of my head, and it took a few days to figure out what it was: I would have almost rather have spent the New Year at home than away.

The big reason why I started the tradition of leaving town for the holiday back in 2007 was how mediocre  the holiday became. Either I was in search for a whatever party, or there would be this highly ambitious “event” that required a costume or a number of hoops to jump through. I felt that being alone out of town was a better option. And so a tradition was born.

But there were several different things going in Portland this year that sounded like fun. In fact, they would be mostly small scale things with friends, the type of event I like. This thought went through my head on that snowy Saturday afternoon, when I thought I’d be spending the holiday alone. Why wasn’t I at home?

In the end, things turned out well, and I had fun in Vancouver. So I had no regrets. But maybe this is the time to put another tradition to bed. I did the Palm Tree Ride for ten years before I ended that, maybe it’s time for this one to end too? We shall see as New Years rolls around. But that’s another year away!

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