Vancouver New Years Trip: The Rest of the Story

When I last left you fine folks, it was Sunday afternoon, New Years Day. The snow and ice were still all over, so I basically pushed my bike back to the hostel on the West End. But crossing False Creek, the body of water that separates the peninsula downtown is on from the rest of the city, I noticed something, or the lack of something: snow and ice! The central core was mysteriously and magnificently dry. That gave me hope.

On Monday morning (Jan 2) I said f– it and decided to ride around Stanley Park seawall. Yes, it is one of the most touristy things you can do in Vancouver, but it is beautiful. And throngs of people were out. Most of the path was clear of ice, though there were several sketchy sections that I walked. I also did some Coffee Outside, since I dragged the equipment all the way up here it’d be silly NOT to! 🙂

Later that day I rode towards East Van, specifically Commercial Drive. As I got further from the urban core (and more uphill) the snow and ice reappeared, so I decided to walk again. (Commercial Drive itself, like all the major streets, was clear, but I wanted to actually walk down the street for once.) I met my old friend Cara for dinner at Bandidas, then did ride back the main roads (Commercial to Hastings) to get back to the hostel, since it was late and the streets were quiet.

On Tuesday (Jan 3) I decided to leave the bike at the hostel and walk/take transit. This was the first time in almost six years since I had used transit in the Terminal City! I bought myself a day pass (using those new fangled “tap” cards) and rode a bit around the Sky Train with some buses thrown in. I went to Bandidas (again) to meet my friend Leanne for brunch, then went up to Queen Elizabeth Park, highest point in the city, to take in the view. Finally, I made my way over to Naam in Kitsilano to end the day.

And like that, the trip was done. Early Wednesday morning (Jan 4) I boarded Amtrak Cascades to head back home…

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