New Year in Vancouver: The snow

I got into Vancouver late Friday night (Dec 30). After sleeping in a bit, I got a lazy start. The weather didn’t look promising, a mix of rain and flurries with a high just above freezing. I pulled the Raleigh Superbe out of the hostel and got out there.

I noticed during my coffee break that it was snowing. But it was wet and not sticking. I soldiered on, crossing the Burrard Bridge towards the Mount Pleasant neighborhood. As I climbed up that ridge that runs across the center of Vancouver, I noticed that the streets were getting a bit slushy. Uh oh. Not too long after that, the snow started to stick. This is going to be interesting!

I knew there was a chance of snow on the forecast, but it was slight. And if I decided to throw a studded tire on the front of the Bantam, it would end up dry. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

It was late afternoon and I had no plans for the night. (Vancouver people seem to be bad with email.) I was totally prepared to spend the New Year alone, but then got word that my friends Keltie and Pol were having a shindig, so I aimed towards their house. I attempted to ride as much as I could, but by dark there was about a couple inches of snow on the ground and the side streets were hopeless. After a slow speed fall, I decided to walk the rest of the way.

The party was fun! It was pretty low key, which is what I wanted. And it was good to reconnect with my old Vancouver bike friends. We all got to know each other during The Great Cascadian Bike Culture Exchange that happened from about 2005-10. Many of the folks at the party are ex-members of the B:C:Clettes, Vancouver’s all-woman bike dance troupe. I went on their Wheely Fun bike/dance tour on Vancouver Island in 2008. Ah, memories…

I didn’t relish the idea of getting myself and the Superbe from about King George and Fraser to the West End at 3 AM on a snowy night, so I crashed at the house. It was a lazy Sunday morning, then I slowly made my way back to the hostel…

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