Vancouver for New Years

As you read this, I’m on Amtrak Cascades Train 516 northbound to Vancouver BC. I left Portland right before 3. It was nice that I didn’t have to work this morning, so I was less stressed. (Less!) But for a moment I thought I might not make it. Yesterday afternoon I became quite nauseous and worried that either I got food posioning/stomach flu, or it was the precursor to a nasty cold of flu. Either of which would have meant I would have cancelled the trip. I’ve done enough travel while sick, thank you. This morning when I woke I felt a little meh, but as the day wore on my health improved, thankfully.

One of the reasons why I visit Seattle and Vancouver frequently is because of the Amtrak Cascades line.There are several a day between Portland and Seattle, and one round trip between Portland and Vancouver. And I can bring my bike for $5! And all I have to do is wheel it to the baggage car, no boxing. I do have to remove the bags, though!

For this trip, I have brought the Raleigh Superbe. While it has left town before (Lake Pepin) this will be its first time in Canada! It will be fun to cruise around the Terminal City on a three speed. And yes, I realize that there are hills, but it’s not the first time I’ve taken a three speed there! 🙂

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