A Christmas Eve with the goats on Rodney

img_20161224_133709.jpgAs you read this, it will be December 25, Christmas. This holiday is always a bit bittersweet for me, as my family lives on another coast, distant. (It doesn’t help that I’m pretty much estranged with them.) I’m one of those Portland orphans, no family in the area, so family-centric holidays like Christmas make me feel like an outsider. And since most of the staff at the hostel retreats for the holiday, guess who ends up covering?

Alright, enough of that maudlin crap. This is about finding a bit of happiness on this hallowed holiday. And what’s more happier than goats?

I had to work the PM shift on Saturday the 24th, which means starting at 3 pm.  I left the house a bit early because I wanted to get a little bit of riding (it was nice, if cool) and visit Rivelo. When I go this way, I typically take N Vancouver Ave, the southbound of the one-way couplet shared with N Williams Ave, “Portland’s bike highway”. Despite this being one of the most important bike arteries in town, in the week or two after a “snow event”, the bike lane is still strewn with gravel, making for not an enjoyable ride. I opted to take NE Rodney Ave, a parallel side street that is quiet.

And near the intersection of N Failing St* is where I found the goats of “ZZZ Goat Ranch”. (They are on the Book of Face so go look it up.) Urban goats on Rodney? How come I had not seen them before? This isn’t the first time I’ve biked down this way. Of course, I came to a quick stop!

The three goats, Zygoat, Xanadu, and Goatzilla were mulling about in the yard. ‘zilla was closest and came up to me. I petted his coarse pelt, but he seemed slightly disinterested in that, like he wanted something…else. Then I looked over, and saw the “Feed the Goats, 25 cents” dispenser. Aha! And good thing I have a lot of quarters. I got four rounds, and all the goats came over and ate out of my hands. I had to make sure that Zygoat got enough, because rambunctions ‘zilla tried to eat all the food when I got near Zy.

Oh! Oh yeah, this is a bike blog, so I should say something about the Crested Butte. Why yes, those are new grips. I got some of those Rustines constructeur rubber grips from VO. I always liked the way they looked, and wanted to give ’em a shot. In my limited riding, they seem pretty comfy, but wonder how sweaty bare hands on them will feel. I also got some of their Retro Cages MKII to “class up” the bike, as the old Kleen Kanteen version are getting long in the tooth. I didn’t care much for their Moderniste bottle cages, as they didn’t hold the steel bottles well. These one seem to do the trick, so let’s see how long they last.

Anyways…I hung out with the goats as long as I could, which was unfortunately not that long today. But I’ll be back! And at the very least, it’s always fun to encounter urban goats. It always lifts my mood. It made what could have been a melancholy Christmas eve not so melancholy.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

*If you think that’s amusing, we have an intersection of Failing with N Haight Ave, where Unthank Park is. Yes, that’s right. “Meet me at Unthank Park at the corner of Failing and Haight.”


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