Portland Snow Days Past: A look back

As I’ve said before, it doesn’t snow much here, but it does snow. And I have written about it before! So get yourself a cup o’ hot cocoa, curl up, and check out these reports from the depths of this blog.


And how about comix? Here’s one I did for Momentum Magazine, talking about snow biking during the real-deal Snowpocalypse* here, December 2008:

And a comic for Bicycle Times about snow biking in December 2013.

From Bicycle Times 27.
From Bicycle Times 27.

Bonus! A comic for Bicycle Times from this year about the difference between a city in a damp but temperate winter climate vs one from a dry but cold winter climate:

A plea to the people of Portland: Stop using Snowpocalypse every damn time it snows here.


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  1. Ah Snowpocalypse 2008 I remember it well, we got hit hard, compared to our normal light snow, in Seattle too. I was fortunate to be telecommuting at that time so I didn’t have to mess with more than a 2 block snowshoe commute to my local coffee shop. I also remember that nearly all the stores in my neighborhood started showing bare shelves because no one wanted to leave the area and regular deliveries weren’t really happening. I also remembering helping local friends eat up the Christmas dinners they had planned and stocked for family who weren’t able to get out in the storm, that was a good week of dinners! I am ok with that kind winter weather event of once every 10 of 20 year event but not every winter.

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