Another snow day, another snow biking day.

It seems like just last week it snowed here. Oh wait, that’s because it did! πŸ˜‰ But yeah, on Wednesday December 14th, old man winter decided to knock on Portland’s door again. It started snowing in the afternoon. Since it was my day off and I had no plans or obligations, I didn’t go out, preferring to watch the snow come down from my window. But as night fell, I got the itch to go outside. I could simply just walk, but I felt like getting on the bike again.

But what bike? This time I decided to go slightly unorthodox and pull out the Schwinn Heavy Duti. Yeah, it just has a single speed and a coaster brake. But it still was just snow (maybe a couple inches.) I didn’t have to worry about ice, and in these type of conditions, you want to lean on a rear brake a bit more. Plus, the Heavy Duti has nice and fat Schwalbe Fat Frank tires on them. They are about 2.35″ wide, or 60 mm, just about as fat as you can get in a 26 inch tire before you go into “truly fat” territory. And they have a bit of tread on them too. I lowered the tire pressure to around 20 psi and got out there!

Since I had no particular place to go, I just putzed around the hood. The side streets were empty, though there were tire tracks. While the snow was compacted there, it wasn’t icy, but I still played it safe and stuck to fresh snow wherever possible. There were plenty of folks out enjoying the snow in Woodlawn Park, and while a few establishments were already closed on NE Dekum, those that were open were basically full to capacity. P’s and Q’s Market wasn’t that full, so I enjoyed a beer and the warmth for a bit before I went back outside to ride around some more.

One of these days, I’m going to get around to getting a new fork on the Heavy Duti so I can have a front brake. When that happens, I may make it a dedicated “snow/ice commuter”. Hopefully this day will come soon. But the Heavy Duti did fine as it was! Now the big question is: How will the roads look on Thursday?


6 thoughts on “Another snow day, another snow biking day.

  1. It’s certainly a novelty to have snow in PDX. Very cool for you. We are getting regular snow here, too dicey for me to ride, but I’m excited for Saturday because we are expecting 3-5″, plenty enough to get out my crosscountry skis.

  2. Old man Winter didn’t move all the way north to Seattle this time all though we might get some in the next week – good for you for taking advantage of a bike snow day looks fun!

  3. I putzed around on the fat bike this morning since work wasn’t opening until 1pm. 4.7″ tires are the bomb! Main roads were super slick and side streets were a mix of slick and fluffy snow.

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