Coffeeneuring Ride 4: 21 Oct 2016, in which I join PDX Coffee Outside

It seems like a lot of cities have gotten into the weekly morning bikes and coffee thing. Whether it’s the more refined East Coast deal of meeting up at a coffee shop, or the more western “let’s brew our coffee outdoors”, it’s become a thing. And while we’ve done random morning coffee outsides here, there has been nothing regular going on until pretty recently, when a bunch of dudes decided to do a Friday at 7 am Coffee Outside. (Check @pdxcoffeeoutside on Instagram for the down-low.)

This week I managed to actually go on one! Not only was the weather okay, but the destination of Peninsula Park* was just a mile and a half from my house! So I didn’t have to wake up that early and I could still make it to work (almost) on time.

I arrived at Peninsula Park at 7 and found a couple dudes making coffee by the (turned off) fountain in the rose garden. I got to work grinding coffee and boiling water via my Esbit stove. No time to waste, as I only had about a half-hour to spare. A few other guys showed up while I was prepping coffee. It seemed like most people had canister fuel stoves and were making coffee via AeroPress, though another dude was doing pourover just like me. The talk was mostly about cross (as it is the middle of fall) so I didn’t have much to add. But it was still fun hanging out with people making camp coffee, since it’s typically a solo thing for me. Hopefully I can make one of these again.

And the bonus: I got to zoom down N Vancouver Ave on the way to work. Since I commute from NE to SE, I don’t use any of the common “bike commuter highways”. So it’s fun every once in awhile to be on a big bike arterial during rush hour and see all the other cyclists!

By the numbers: Coffeeneuring 2016, Ride 4: Friday October 21

  • Destination: Peninsula Park
  • Miles: 7 (total from house to work, not counting after work commute)
  • Bike: Raleigh Superbe
  • Coffee: Trader Joe’s Tanzania (yet again!)
  • Prep method: Pour over (using Esbit stove)
  • Notes: Got to hang out with five other dudes

*Some weekly coffee things happen at the same place, whereas this one has a rotating destination.

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