Islands Bound…

wp-1474827643763.jpgHello friends! It’s time for another bike adventure!

This evening, Sunday September 25, I will board Amtrak and head north to Seattle. After spending the night, I’ll hop on the ferry (Victoria Clipper) and head to Vancouver Island! I’ll be spending a day in Victoria, then do a loop on the SE part of the island. After that, I’ll be doing some island hopping (Salt Spring, San Juan, Lopez) before I hit the “mainland”, albeit Fidalgo Island. From there I ride south through Whidbey Island, hop another ferry to Port Townsend, and wind my way back to Seattle, where I’ll spend the night (Tuesday October 4). I’ll then take a train home to Portland on the eve of Wednesday October 5. Whew!

It should be lots of fun! I love heading up to the islands, and this will be my most extensive trip there in years. Also, it’s the first time I’ve been back to Victoria/Vancouver Island since 2009, which is quite a while. I really wish I could get two full weeks to do this rather than a week plus, because the getting to the islands basically suck out a day of travel on either end. I’d really like to get to explore Vancouver Island more and hit Tofino, the true “west coast” of Canada. But that takes a long time to get there! So right now I’ll just have to be satisfied with lots of ferry rides, beaches, blue water, and trees. 🙂 (And some hills.)

I’ll try to post from the road, but the best way to see what’s going on is by checking out either my Instagram, tumblr, or flickr feeds.

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  1. Have fun! You certainly got a good jump off day here in the Emerald city with a 75 degree blue sky day Monday the 26th. I envy your trip to the Canadian islands, I need to get my passport renewed so they will allow me across the border. Tailwinds and Clear skies sir!

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