Three UAL events in the near future! Sunset/Moonrise Ride, Bike Camp Cookout, and Sunrise Coffee!

wp-1473656064808.jpgWith the coming of fall, GREAT bike weather will be upon us here in Portland! What better time for some fun bike rides?

    P’s & Q’s Market, 1301 NE Dekum St
    meet at 5:45, depart at 6:15
    Did you know that on the day of the full moon, the moon rises right around the same time that the sun sets? We’ll ride about 5 mi to a good spot where we can see BOTH. Stock up on supplies and libations at P’s & Q’s  and of course bring an extra layer and lights for the ride home. Yes, there should be time for you to go on other rides tonight, if you like to do some riding! Sunset 7:18 pm, moonrise 7:30 pm.
  • SUN 18 SEPT
    Rivelo, 401 SE Caruthers St 
    Meet at 4:30, depart at 5.
    One of the best parts of bike camping and touring is making meals. Here’s a chance to do that without actually going camping! Ride 5 miles to a mystery park destination (grocery stop en route) where we’ll make dinner. Nerd out over camping stove setups and impress everyone with the feast you’ll craft! Please note: camping stove required, not a grill/hibachi. And no dehydrated/”instant” meals that you bought at REI. Get creative!
    Mount Tabor Park, Picnic area on NE corner of park near 69/Yamhill entrance. NOT AT THE TOP OF THE HILL. Rain day alternate: Pavilion near basketball courts
    6:30 am
    What better way to start Autumn? Get up before the crack of dawn and ride up to Tabor to make coffee while watching the sun rise. Coffee and camaraderie guaranteed. BYO coffee, water, and way to make coffee. Think camping stoves and the like. Or bring pre-brewed coffee. Bringing some breakfast ain’t a bad idea, either. Sunrise at 6:58 am, equinox at 7:21 am.



One thought on “Three UAL events in the near future! Sunset/Moonrise Ride, Bike Camp Cookout, and Sunrise Coffee!

  1. Good job planning ahead. My normal ride on Saturday (17th) will be disrupted (or at least encroached upon) due to an out-of-town wedding. So, I think I’ll plan ahead and try for a Texas extension of the sunset/moonrise thing on the 16th.

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