Stuff for Sale, August 2016!

wp-1472076669332.jpgHey all, it’s time for that once in awhile purging of goods and parts! I have a selection of bike parts, camping gear, and clothing available. All of these items are used unless indicated otherwise. Please ask if you have questions about specific items, but you can also google it to find more.

For those outside of Portland, OR, USA, shipping is not included in the price, so we would need to figure that out. And of course the more stuff you buy, the better the rate of shipping you get! And all payment would be via Paypal. For those of you in Portland, we can do local pickup in either the Woodlawn or Hawthorne districts (Hawthorne option not available for a few of the bulky items), and you can pay cash.

If you are interested in anything, please either leave a comment or email me at If you are not doing local pickup, please include your zip code so I could figure out shipping.

UPDATE: If an item is crossed out, that means it’s been sold.

Items for sale:

  • B+M Lumotec Classic LED headlamp for dynamo systems: A pretty basic modern dynamo headlamp, but is bullet shaped so it looks ok on a vintage bike. Will work with vintage dynamo systems, like a Dynohub. About 20 lux output with a standlight (meaning light stays on for a bit when wheel stops moving.) $20
  • Pletscher dual leg kickstand. Comes with plastic “shoes” and plastic “sandwich” to help protect the chainstays. $20
  • Fibrax “raincheater” brake pads for steel rims, caliper brake style. Provides better braking for steel rims due to the abrasive material strip in the pad. Good upgrade for an old three speed that still has steel rims! NOTE: Do NOT use on aluminum rims! Pads are new in package, and enough for a full bike, i.e., two sets. $10
  • Dia Compe centerpull brake, front. Probably 70’s vintage. NOT A SET OF BRAKES. $5
  • Tektro R559 sidepull brake, rear. bolt on. Brake reach 55-73 mm. NOT A SET OF BRAKES. $15
  • Bundle and Stow tool roll. Well used. $3
  • Jandd small small top tube bag. Straps to stem and top tube for itty-bitty things. $3
  • Coughlan’s LED headlamp. Batteries not included. $3
  • Cocoon sleeping bag liner, 100% silk, for mummy bags. In good shape, includes stuff sack. $20
  • Bar map brand map case. Fits a 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper in half. Attaches to handlebar with velcro straps. Well used. $3
  • Small vinyl dry bag, blue. Roll top. $3
  • Large compression sack, Outdoor Research brand. $5
  • Vargo foldable windscreen, for a alcohol or solid fuel stove. $5
  • Wald 157 front basket, black. The very large “newsboy” model, and full steel and made in the US! Modern version with adjustable struts. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. $20
  • Suntour bar end shifter, aka classic bar con. Looks like it’s missing a nut, though. NOT A SET, JUST ONE. $15
  • Tektro FL750 brake lever, right side. Modern “city bike” lever, has 22.2 clamp. NOT A SET, JUST ONE. $10
  • VO Baguette handlebar/saddlebag. Comes with two leather mounting straps. Well used, has a bit of glue residue on front. Not waterproof. $5
  • Nitto Technomic Stem, 22.2, 60 mm, 26.0 clamp. About 240mm in overall height (or 16cm above the minimum insert line). Comes with a shim for a 25.4 if you need it (please indicate that you do!) $20
  • Icebreaker merino t-shirt, size L. 200 series so mid-weight. Brown. Not loose fitting. $10
  • Sugoi merino t-shirt, size L. Black. Has a small white Sugoi logo on left shoulder. Not loose fitting. $10
  • Rivendell MUSA knickers, grey/blue, XL. The final (?) generation of knickers/pants/etc, so all buckles and straps, no zippers or velcro. Well worn and already repaired once. A “fixer upper” as it has some issues that will require repair, like seams coming loose (crotch, rear pocket), missing a button, and various discolorations. $15
  • Robin Hood men’s three speed, 23 inch frame (larger size). This is a true fixer upper project, and has not been in rideable condition since I received it. What you see is what you get. 23 inch frame is good for long legged folks or folks from 5’7″ to maybe 6’1″. (It’s the size I ride and I’m 5’8″.) LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. $50

I love to hear from you!

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