Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

scenes-from-last-nights-sunsetmoonrise-at-broughton-beach-technically-full-moon-was-tuesday-night-but-whatever-sunsetmoonrise-broughtonbeach_27845237044_oHello friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. And here I am, apologizing for that. And it’s not that for a lack of stuff to write about. No, I just haven’t been much in a writing mood these days.

For me, after doing this blog, off-and-on for eleven years (eleven years!) it gets harder and harder to muster up the energy to write about the same things all the time. And let’s face it, it’s not like I do a lot of different things. So I try to find an angle with each time I write a blog post, but it’s hard for my posts to not turn into something like “I did X, then went to Y, and had a Z.”

And while sometimes it’s fun to geek out about bikes and talk about parts and minutia,* I don’t always have the energy to do that, either. Let’s face it: I am not a tinkerer and don’t get as much joy from fiddling with bikes as some other folks. And I’ve spent WAY too much money on bikes, bike parts, and bike work over the past year. Sometimes I would actually like to save up money so I can go have adventures. Writing about adventures is a lot more fun than writing about new tires. (Which I am getting some soon, so don’t worry, tire lovers!)

And I’ve just been busy. Pedalpalooza plus two trips to Seattle after it has worn me out. Sure, it provides some good things to write about. But I’m not going to write about them.

I’ve also been going through some personal stuff, too. That has dampened my enthusiasm a bit.

But don’t fear! I’ve been doing this for eleven years. There is an ebb and flow cycle. Right now I’m in an ebb tide. But I will bounce back at some point. So don’t think that this blog is dead. No, it ain’t.

And yes, I am “doing things”. The best way to keep tabs on what I do is to check out either my instagram or flickr feeds. (And tumblr too.) I usually post something once a day, and usually post more than once a day. You’ve been warned!

Now go enjoy summer!

*Unless you’re Stasia! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about the personal stuff. I know that can drag one down. I’m wishing you a rapid rebound. Also, I’m thinking about focusing funds and attention more on adventures and less on things. It’s easier to order a new accessory, but not as rewarding as being out there using what I already have.

  2. I will miss your posts for now, but I completely understand. I have a blog that no one follows and who can blame them. My posts are infrequent at best. I’ll check out Instagram. The only problem with Instagram is sometimes you just want a bit more detail about the photo.

  3. Ha! YES! I’m cool enough to merit an asterisk mention! 😉 (even if it’s for giving you shit about bike nerdery;)

    Just kidding. I totally get it about not wanting to write all the time. I mean, know that we miss you when you’re not writing, but totally take a break when you’re not feeling it too. It’s dumb to be beholden to the internet wold when there’s a real world out there to explore.

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