Not dead, just busy. (And there’s upcoming stuffs!)

Hello friends, it’s time for me to clear the cobwebs from this blog for a moment. I’ve been in the midst of Pedalpalooza this past month, which means I feel like I’m always up to something, but don’t have the time and energy to report it here. I’ve had eight pretty decent events, and I should write up a more substantial account soon. Hopefully. (Reminds me: I never really did a report on the Lake Pepin event, eh?)

But remember, you can always follow the more up to the moment reports on my Instagram (yep, I have an Instagram.) If you go through there, you’ll see LOTS of pics of the events over the past month. And yep, flickr and tumblr also have stuff on there as well.

wp-1451883303879.jpgAnyways! The busyness is not subsiding soon. No! I get on a train Monday night and head to Seattle for a couple days. Did you know that they are having a Free Bike (party) up there? It’s sort of like Pedalpalooza, but shorter and not as many events. Gotta start somewhere! I’ll be leading one ride as well! It’s the Sunset Mystery Ride. It will happen at 7 pm on Tuesday July 5. Meet at the PCC Market in Fremont, 600 N 34th St. 5mi ride to a mystery location for sunset viewing. Get supplies in market, we depart at 7:30. Remember the three Ls: Lights, layers, and libations! Sunset is at 9:07 pm. (And if you are around, you should check out Madi’s ride with kids and dogs to beer earlier that day. I’ll be there!)

tumblr_o9npmjioeY1s4tkqfo1_540Then I get home and who comes to town? Mr. Tarik Saleh himself, that’s who. The leader of everyone’s favorite bike club will be here, and we’ll be doing a ride! Join us on Saturday July 9th for the Tarik Saleh Bike Club Ride! Meet at 10 am Fillmore Coffee, 7201 NE Glisan St. Get there for breakfast/coffee, depart at 11. 20-30mi ride, mixed terrain, a few hills. Nothing too intense. Many breaks for food/beverage, ends in Montavilla.

And finally, Mary of Chasing Mailboxes and Ed of Daily Randonneur will be in town after a (probably) epic two week tour of the Sierra Cascades! They’ll be in town on Friday July 15th. Come and hang with them from 4:30 pm to let’s say 8-ish at Velo Cult, 1969 NE 42nd Ave in the hoppin’ Hollywood district. Hear tales about their adventure!

There is more stuff coming, don’t you worry. I’m working on a bunch of fun rides, whether group/public things, or my own stuff. Stay tuned!

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