Lael Wilcox WINS the Trans Am bike race!

Hey all! If you haven’t been paying attention, Lael Wilcox just won this year’s Trans Am Bike Race! It’s a self-supported endurance contest following the route of Adventure Cycling Association’s Trans America cross-country bike touring route. And LAEL WON! And when I say “won”, I mean the whole damn thing in the west-east (Astoria, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia) section, beating out both women AND men!

A great account of this is over on Nick Carman’s blog, Gypsy By Trade (who happens to be her boyfriend.)

Anyways, I got to hang for a little bit with Lael before the race when she was in Portland in May. Wish I had more time to hang! The photo is from when she was here. She’ll be heading to Adventure Cycling’s shindig in Missoula, MT in July. Maybe you can run into her there?27745012002_c828a51d65_z

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  1. Isn’t she amazing? I mean, I literally am amazed by her cycling achievements. I think I found your Blog back in the day following a comment you made over at Nick’s. Or maybe it was the other way around. I was telling some non-cycling friends about her Divide ride and then, the Trans-Am…I realized they thought I was making it all up. It is hard to believe, I guess.

    Go Lael!

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