Pedalpalooza starts TOMORROW! And here are ALL the Urban Adventure League and Society of Three Speeds events!

27159271012_87e16a672e_oHello friends! Pedalpalooza, Portland’s annual festival of bike fun is upon us. It’s been going strong since 2004* and this year it runs from June 8 through July 4. The calendar is packed with 277 (as of now) unique events. And this year, I’ve got nine different events going on! yes, NINE! Try as I might to “scale it back”, this year I decided to go full on. Because I wanted to see the types of events I want to do! 😉

So here we go, the UAL/SoTS events for Pedalpalooza 2016:

  • Thursday June 9, 5am (the first event of Pedalpalooza) SUNRISE COFFEE CLUB
    Broughton Beach, 4325 NE Marine Dr (right off Marine Dr multi-use path, east of where it intersects the road)
    What better way to start Pedalpalooza? Get up before the crack of dawn and ride up to the Columbia to make coffee while watching the sun rise. Coffee and camaraderie guaranteed. BYO coffee, water, and way to make coffee. Think camping stoves and the like. Sunrise is hoped for at 5:21. Bringing some breakfast ain’t a bad idea, either.
  • Monday June 13, 8:30pm FOR THE LOVE OF THE BOTTLE (DYNAMO) Lucky Lab, 1700 N Killingsworth St  (The one in North Portland!)
    A ride appreciating the humble bottle or sidewall dynamo generator! Vintage or modern, it doesn’t matter, as long as the generator works. We’ll cruise around the night, kept company by the whirring of the dynamo wheel against tire. Please, NO HUB DYNAMO SYSTEMS OR BATTERY LIGHTS! Bottom bracket dynamos OK!
  • Wed June 15, 10am OUTER SLOUGH RAMBLE 
    Cascades MAX Station, NE Cascades Pkwy & NE Mt. St. Helens Ave 
    Let’s explore the further reaches of the Columbia Slough! This approximately 25 mile ride will feature sleepy reaches of this waterway, plus other secret spots. Mixed surfaces, and we may have to push or carry a bike for a bit. A bit of high traffic roads, too. Not a loop but will end near transit, and maybe we’ll do lunch, etc at the end.
  • Sun June 19, 4 pm DEAD FREEWAYS RIDE 
    South Park Blocks in front of Lincoln Hall (PSU), 900 SW Market St 
    What if…Portland built all the freeways it planned? This ride follows the routes of several highways that never made it off the drawing board, such as the fabled Mt. Hood Freeway, some that did but were later removed, like Harbor Drive, and also as a reference some freeways that currently exist. Approx 13 miles of riding through moderate traffic. Drinks and discussion to follow.
  • Mon June 20, 7:45pm SUNSET/MOONRISE RIDE P’s & Q’s Market, 1301 NE Dekum St Did you know that on the day of the full moon, the moon rises right around the same time that the sun sets? We’ll ride about 5 mi to a good spot where we can see BOTH. Stock up on supplies and libations at Ps and Qs (sorry, they are not known for cheap beer), and of course bring an extra layer and lights for the ride home.
  • Wed June 22 5:30pm TRAIN HISTORY RIDE 
    Union Station, 800 NW 6th Ave, Portland (meet outside by stone obelisk)
    Experience how Portland history has been shaped by rails. This approx 10mi ride will explore SW, including a climb to Council Crest. So yes, there will be hills. Not a loop. Ride is co-led with Dan Haneckow of Cafe Unknown.
    Green Zebra Grocery, 3011 N Lombard St
    There ain’t nothing better than riding somewhere and enjoying coffee, esp. coffee that you make there! We’ll ride under 5 miles to a scenic spot to have coffee. Points for elaborate prep or quirky gear. And you might as well make/have breakfast, too. And tea is perfectly fine. ACW gear encouraged, BYO everything. Wheelwomen too!
  • Sun June 26, 4pm THREE SPEED RIDE 
    Omaha Parkway, N Omaha Ave & Ainsworth St (in the parkway strip)
    What better way to finish Sunday Parkways than ramble around the northern reaches of Portland on your humble internally geared three speed bicycle? Bring your trusty three speed bicycle from any nation. Three speeds preferred but any bike welcome if you don’t have one. Casual paced ramble,approx 10-15 mi, fairly flat, with a little unpaved “rough stuff” action thrown in. We’ll have a picnic and tea brew up on the way, bring all the necessities like food, a teakettle and a camping stove. Ride not a loop, ends near transit and adult beverages.
  • Tues June 28-Wed June 29 MIDWEEK BIKE CAMPING  You need to register to get start location, but it’s near MAX in North Portland
    Because bike camping isn’t just for weekends! We’ll head on up to Battle Ground Lake in SW Washington. Approx. 25 mile ride one way and we’ll stop for supplies. You can either ride with the group or come up on your own. We’ll split the cost of campsites and wood. Must have some experience with bike camping. More info and to register here.

*Technically this all started in 2002 with Bikesummer, then morphed into Mini Bike Summer in 2003, finally becoming Pedalpalooza in 2004. Semantics, schemantics.


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