Five years since The Big Tour

Hello folks. Today is Friday May 27. And exactly five years ago today, April and myself packed up our belongings, returned our apartment key to the property management company, and hit the road on our big Cross-Continent Bike Tour. Five years! Wow. Time does fly. At times it seems like we just got off the... Continue Reading →

On meeting Heinz Stücke, and bike touring in general

On Friday Heinz Stücke came to Portland. Don't know who he is? Click on the hyperlink to his name to get the Wikipedia version. He's a German man who's basically been on a continuous bike tour since 1962, over 50 years! He's definitely the most "bike toured" person in existence, who has been to every country... Continue Reading →

Three Speed Camping Weekend, June 3-5. Register NOW!

Society Of Three Speeds

18429404065_d614a34288_kHello friends. With all the hecticness of the Lake Pepin adventure taking up a good chunk of this month, I’ve been behind on things (I’ll be writing about it soon! But in the meantime, check out my instagram stream for stuff.) And one of those things is reminding you fine folks that it’s just two short weeks until we do our Three Speed Camping Trip!

Yep, the weekend of Friday June 3 through Sunday June 5, we’ll be taking our trusty and laden three speeds out to Ainsworth State Park in the beautiful Columbia Gorge. It’s about a 25 mile one-way ride from the end of the MAX in Gresham. And there are many a waterfall to be seen as well! We’ve booked a site that can hold about eight folks, so registration is capped at that for now. And the other sites are already booked, so eight is enough!

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Pepin report to come…soon!

Hello all! I haven't really posted much (if anything) about my Minneapolis-Lake Pepin trip. I didn't expect to do much blogging on the road, and yep, I didn't. I did take some photos that I posted on the way, so go over to my instagram to see them. I'm still working on posting more photos,... Continue Reading →

Heading east on (a different) iron horse

Right now I'm on Amtrak's Empire Builder, hurtling through the High Desert Darkness east of Pasco, WA. Spokane is the next stop, where the two sections of the train meet. It's been interesting, this whole sleeper car business. For one, I got to use the Metropolitan Lounge, the pre-boarding area at Portland Union Station. It's... Continue Reading →

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