Back to cream

wp-1456894002630.jpgIt’s official, I’m a sucker for colored bike tires, especially if they are cream. There’s something about them that makes a bike “pop”. And once again, cream tires are back on the Raleigh Crested Butte.

Ah, Crested Butte, I have been through so many different tire combos on you. It’s partially because you are one of my oldest bikes (got it three and a half years ago!) and partially because I’m so stupid about tires. And the Crested Butte has been my “testing ground” for tires, so to speak.

There was nothing wrong with the tires that were on the Butte, the brown colored Continental Retro Rides. In fact, I did like the tread pattern on them. But two things made me decide to switch tires yet again:

  1. Once again, I’ve got a bottle dynamo on the bike. The Retro Rides lack the dynamo sidewall track that makes running a bottle dynamo more efficient (and a bit quieter.)
  2. I came across an older photo of the Crested Butte with cream tires and it made me really want to have them on there again!

wp-1457065232725.jpgSo I went with the tried and true, the Rubena Cityhopper tires, tires I’ve had on the Crested Butte two separate times. (Twice!) Sure, they make the Retro Rides in cream, but see point one above. And Schwalbe is known for cream tires, but the problem is that their offerings are a bit wider than the Cityhoppers. (55 to 60 mm wide vs the 52 mm on the Cityhopper.) The last time I tried them on the Crested Butte (the brown Big Bens that moved over to the Bantam) the clearances were too tight.* And the Cityhoppers are perfectly fine tires!

The one big difference is I went with the non puncture protection version this time, since I got a real good price on them. I’m always hesitant to do this, but I know someone else who has this version and hasn’t had problems, so I’m taking the chance. Of course, I’ve already gotten a flat in just a couple days, but it was a staple, something that’s flatted me on the Big Bens as well. Will this become an issue, and I get a flat a week? We shall see. For now, let’s see how far I can get on them.


Yes, cream tires can get a little dirty. So what?

*Granted, my old fenders were narrower than my new ones, so 55 mm might just work, but I didn’t want to go through the hassle to find out.

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