Pepin: Third time’s the charm?

Society Of Three Speeds

wpid-img_2106.jpgI don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but yep, I am going back out to Minnesota (and Wisconsin!) to participate in the annual Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour on May 14 and 15. Lake Pepin is America’s largest three speed typed event! This will mark my third year participating!

After doing it last year, I didn’t know if I would participate in 2016. Since I don’t live in the Twin Cities, going to Pepin presents some logistical hurdles (and usage of vacation time.) But as 2015 closed, I realized that I did want to go in 2016. It’s just too much fun, and anyways, it’s good to do some vacationing in May since due to my job it’s hard to take extensive time off in the summer months.

After doing the ride two years in a row, I definitely know what to expect out of it, so it’s not a totally…

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One thought on “Pepin: Third time’s the charm?

  1. Cool! I want to do it one day, but fear that I’ll die until I get a few longer rides under my belt. But I think we could really feasibly drive out. We’re pretty close to the border. Need to get a passport.

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