A Sunset/Moonrise/Coffee Outside, 22 Feb 2016

If you’ve been around here long enough, you know I like watching the full moon rise. Besides moonrises being cool, the big reason is that the full moon rises around the same time as sunset, so if you pick a good spot, you can see them both. But winter is a bad time for moonrises here, as it tends to be cloudy.

But not Monday, February 22nd. It started off cloudy and foggy, but cleared up mid-day. With a high of 54F/12C and light wind, I knew that it would be a great time for Sunset/Moonrise action! And what better place to see it all than Broughton Beach on the Columbia River! And why not have some Coffee Outside action as well?

I arrived at Broughton Beach just before sunset. There were a few people at the beach and the adjacent Marine Drive multi-use path enjoying the nice February night. I set up my coffee making gear and watched the sun set. There’s always something to watch here, whether it be the changing light on Mount Hood, or a tug pushing a barge up the Columbia, or planes landing or taking off at Portland International Airport. There were also several F-15s taking off too, since Oregon Air National Guard is adjacent to the airport.

About twenty minutes after sunset, I finally saw the glowing orange orb known as “The Moon” peeking from the hills on the Washington side of the river. Soon it was illuminating the Columbia beneath it, truly a sight to see. I didn’t linger long, as I was done with my coffee,* and the temperature was starting to drop and I was standing still. So a few miles of riding under the starry canopy to home, my headlamp illuminating the way…

*Oh, sure, I could have made more…


4 thoughts on “A Sunset/Moonrise/Coffee Outside, 22 Feb 2016

  1. Brilliant. Until now, I’ve mainly been a sunrise kind of bloke. But I’ve been noting your practice with great interest, and this is simply brilliant. Here’s a whole new excursion experience presented here for the taking. I’m in. Now I need to get the next full moon rise on my calendar and find a good spot for enjoying it.

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