A Monday in Terminal City

Hello friends! This blog post is fresh from the Vancouver of Canada!

Since I was meeting a friend for lunch, I decided to get a ride around Stanley Park and the Seawall while the weather held. It was a good call, because it started to rain while I was going through the park. Since it started shortly before noon, the rain hasn’t let up! But Stanley Park was great as usual. It’s got to be one of the best urban parks in all of North America, and one of my favorite places to visit when I come here.

Lunch was with my friend Leanne at Nuba, a Lebanese joint off of Main. I met Leanne during the days of The Great Portland-Vancouver Bike Culture Exchange. (RIP) She was a member of the B:C:Clettes, Vancouver’s all-woman bicycle dance troupe. When they did their Wheely Fun tour in 2008(!) I was invited to go along. That was a great time!



Anyway, it was a bit of a walk down memory lane. And I’ll be hanging out with other participants of that tour in the coming days!

Since the weather basically sucked for the rest of the day, I hung out around the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood, aka “Main Street” for the rest of the day, alternately eating food and drinking coffee or beer.

The next two days promise better weather, so more riding will happen.


I love to hear from you!

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