For reals: The final sale on SoTS memberships before the price TRULY goes up!

Society Of Three Speeds

wpid-wp-1446929950036.jpgHello friends. Yes, you may have hemmed and you may have hawed about purchasing a Society of Three Speeds membership in the three years of the Society’s existence. And the time for hemming and hawing is over, as not only is the price of memberships increasing to $15 in the US (price with shipping included), but because I love you all, I am discounting the existing memberships!

Yes, until 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Sunday January 31, 2016, the price for memberships will only be $7 in the US, $11 rest of world! I really want to get rid of the old stock of stuff so I can make some new and cool things for the membership kit. So the time to get the “old” kit is now! And please remember, this is while quantities still last. If they run out before the first, they run out!

And thank you…

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2 thoughts on “For reals: The final sale on SoTS memberships before the price TRULY goes up!

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  1. Why bother posting that intriguing photo of your bike overlooking the rail yard — and then redact it with the big black patch so we readers cannot enjoy the photo. ~Keith

    1. Are you referring to the random “header” image on the blog? If so, you know you can scroll down a bit to make the “big black patch” disappear! Also, if you are resourceful, you can find where the original photo is!

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