Goals for 2016


Hey friends. I realize that my 2015 wrap up post was not exactly the most positive thing I’ve ever posted. Overall, it was a decent year. But I am looking forward to a better 2016.

My goals for this year are not well defined, but I didn’t want it to be that way. Basically, I’d like to do more of the things I like. And what is that?

  • More bike rides. Yeah, I didn’t do as many as hoped for in 2015. But now I got the super awesome custom bike, so no excuses, eh? I’d like to try my hand at randonneuring again and do at least a populaire and a 200K. We’ll see if a 300K can happen at some point too! Other than that, just more rambles, more longer rides.
  • More camping and touring. I got in three good tours last year, but I slacked in the quick bike overnight department. I don’t think I’ll hit a campout a month, but it would be nice to see something nine out of the twelve.
  • More drawing. I think I hit an all time low with drawing in 2015, and that trend has to stop. I’ve gotten rusty at it, I need to get back into drawing shape! More comix, more illustration!
  • More saving of money. Yeah, last year had the big custom bike build, which took a lot of cash. But I’d like to do some big travelling again at some point, and that needs cash!

And a few things I’d like to do less next year:

  • Less alcohol. Now, I don’t think I have a problem, but I’ve been just plain drinking too much lately. It’s just that all the beer I’ve consumed is not great for the waistline, and not great for the wallet (esp. if I want to save up cash!) I still like beer, and want to keep it that way, as more of a special thing, and less of an “all the time” thing.
  • Less bike projects. Okay, I do have a couple bigger bike projects for the beginning of 2016, but when I get beyond that, I want to just worry more about riding bikes, and maintaining the bikes I have, rather than constant reconfigurations and rebuilds. Especially if I want to save money for other things! As stated above, bike projects aren’t always easy on the pocket book.

Okay, next time I’ll talk a little about travel goals for 2016!

5 thoughts on “Goals for 2016

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  1. Was it Ben Franklin that said “Beer is proof that God loves us”?
    Too bad that carbs love to live on our waist lines though. Tennessee whisky is lower carb, i have it with flavored water.
    How about a little sub plot like the Adventures of Moosemouse! From his perspective, perched on the front bag.

  2. It’s funny how (in Portland anyway) biking and beer often seem so related, like it’s weird to go to a bikey event and not drink beer. I don’t really understand it, but it often seems that unless you’re consciously trying not to, it’s the default to drink an awful lot just by virtue of hanging out with other people who are also drinking an awful lot because–what? That’s what you do when you get people on bikes together? Weird.

    Good luck with all your goals! I like the lots-more-biking approach to life! 🙂

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