A quick recap of my Seattle New Year 2016 trip

Hello all! In typical Granton fashion, I am pretty late with my trip report. I will have to say it’s probably the most fun I’ve ever had in Seattle, despite fighting a cold the whole time and stabbing my middle finger with a razor on the last day. The weather was good the whole time: dry, sunny, cold (for Portland/Seattle/Vancouver standards.) Alright, here we go!

Tuesday 29 December 2015

This was my “mellow day” as I wanted to rest a bit due to the cold, and since I had four days to play with, I didn’t need to feel rushed. Started the day with lunch in the International District, then went over to 20/20 Cycles in the Central District where I spotted their new Kalakala locally-built touring bike (plus a Cycle Truck!) I then rolled up to Capitol Hill and Volunteer Park where I was greeted with a great view of the snowy Cascades. I finished the day out in Fremont and Ballard where I enjoyed some beers.

Wednesday 30 December

I started the day with the local Coffee Outside crew at their meetup spot on Lake Washington. We were greeted with a great view of Mount Rainier and a great sunrise! But yes, it was cold. From there I rambled about, hit up one of my favorite Seattle spots, the Ballard Locks, then hung out with my old Portland friend and current Compass employee Theo for drinks and pizza with his ladyfriend Dejah.

Thursday 31 December 2015

This was a big day of riding! Robert and I did a thirty-odd mile ride southward that followed the shoreline from West Seattle down to Burien. And man, some climbs! We had beer and lunch at Elliot Bay Brewing, then headed out to the Sound again at Three Tree Point. We came back up into the city via Georgetown, where more beer and pizza was consumed. Robert went back to his home in Beacon Hill, whereas I went back to the hostel to retire for the night. I was too worn out from the distance, hills, beer, and pizza to even think about doing anything else for New Years. Yes, I was asleep as 2016 was ushered in!

Friday 1 January

The last day. Madi met up with me at the hostel, and we got New Year’s brunch on Capital Hill. Then we headed up to Gasworks Park where I met my friend Andy and his family, who was in town visiting his old friend Eric and his family. Andy used to live in Seattle with Eric, and had more of a secret past than I reckoned as Andy and Eric were in the band The Action Suits with Peter Bagge of Hate comic fame! (Eric also works at Fantagraphics, go figure.) We got some drinks and food in Fremont, then I had to bolt to catch the 6:05 pm train home.

A big thank you to all of you who hung out with me in the Emerald City: John, Theo, Dejah, Robert, Madi, Andy, Eric, and everyone else!

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