Ring my bell!

Okay, I promise not to be one of those blogs where every li’l thing done to the bike is exquisitely documented, especially since we know how some of you don’t like that. But this one is silly enough that you might even appreciate it!

Last month, I ordered a few impossible-to-find-Stateside parts from Really Useful Bikes in the UK. I poked around the catalog a bit, and found what may be the largest bell available, measuring a full 3.25 inches or 83 mm in diameter! But wait! It’s also brass, and a ding-dong style bell. And it wasn’t expensive either, so I added it to the order.

The box showed up, and I decided to install this obscenely large bell onto the most appropriate bike, my Raleigh Crested Butte with its obscenely large Bosco handlebars. And man, what a ring! The “ding-dong” is loud enough, but there’s so much sustain, maybe about fifteen seconds worth! Every time I passed by the bike in my house, I would ring it once or maybe three times, just to hear that big “ding-dong” and that sustain. I took a video of it to get the sound, but I don’t think it gives the bell justice.

So Portland people! If you hear a loud brassy “ding-dong” bell a mile away, you know who’s coming!

8 thoughts on “Ring my bell!

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  1. So, I LOVE bicycle bells. They are a ubiquitous part of bicycles, bicycling, bicycle history, and the whole bicycle culture thing. They’re civilized (even when obnoxiously loud), and especially more civilized than “Hey! Comin’ through!” or “Geddafukoudadaway!” Love ’em.

  2. It looks so cute! There’s something about bells that are required, like, for morale or something? I have a similar theory about pom poms on toques in the winter…

      1. Hm. Not sure what the 2015 is about, since it should actually be “stasia:)” with a happy face. A weird wordpressism? (funny that it has the right picture but wrong name)

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