Looking back on my 2015

wp-1451193211966.jpgWell friends, we are just days away from 2016. I can’t wait. I always relish the change a new year can bring (though I don’t care much for “election years” anymore). So it’s customary at this point to look back and see what 2015 looked like. Overall, 2015 was an okay year, not bad, not great.

The good:

  • I got a new bike! Yep, my custom Bantam Rambleneur is a sweet machine.
  • I got to do a couple nice bike tours, the San Juans ramble in July and the Eastern Oregon expedition in September.
  • I did the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour for a second time!
  • I opened a “web store”, and it seems to be going well.
  • I finally wrapped up the Zinester’s Guide to Portland!
  • I still have a decent job and have been living in a decent house for two years.

The not-so-good:

  • I didn’t do as much bike riding, camping, or touring as I would have liked. I started out strong with getting a camping trip a month during the first few months, then it tapered off. I wasn’t that motivated during the hot summer, and fall was preoccupied with wrapping up the Zinester’s Guide.
  • Also, for someone who claims to be an artist, I did a pitiful amount of drawing. The only things I did were my comics for Bicycle Times and the flyers for events.
  • My mouth is still a nightmare.
  • And I’ve been pretty lonely. Yep, I have good friends and hang out with them. But I haven’t seen anyone since the breakup with April two and a half years ago. I’ve been longing for companionship. Of course, I haven’t really been looking, partially because I wanted a break, partially because I’m scared.

And so another okay year winds down. I’ve had a string of okay years. I’d like to have a real good year soon. Maybe 2016 will be it? We shall see. I remain hopeful.

2 thoughts on “Looking back on my 2015

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  1. I like the the look back idea Shawn. I can’t really hope for the same (more bike tours in’16) but I hope it works out that way for you. I’ll just get my fix in small doses and enjoy your travels.

  2. Nice post Shaw. I enjoyed your tours this year! Well, you know, I enjoyed all the pictures and posts about them.

    And, be careful what you ask for. Some of the loneliest people I know are in committed relationships. Don’t try to force a relationship. The best ones just happen.

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