A basket on a Bullmoose?

It’s another one in the endless series of tweaking bikes! This time around we’ll be featuring my Schwinn Heavy Duti, the klunker/beater/cruiser that doesn’t see as much action as it should, alas. Anyways, last time around I decided on a whim to put the chromoly Bullmoose bars on there, the ones that were originally on the Crested Butte. Because both bikes use that old oddball 21.1 stem diameter, it worked.

But a bike like the Heavy Duti needs cargo capacity. I was thinking about the Wald 257 Multi-Fit Rack, aka “Pizza Rack”, aka Wald’s version of a porteur rack. Unfortunately for my desires (but maybe not my wallet), they are out of stock most everywhere. So I decided to throw the next best thing on there, my old tried and true Wald 157 Giant Delivery Basket on there.

Now the question was: would a big basket like the 157, something that needed to clamp to handlebars, work on an oddball handlebar like the Bullmoose? The answer is yes, at least the Bullmoose bar that I have. The clamps just fit in the triangle, if the clamp distance was wider (or the triangle smaller), it wouldn’t work.

So what do you think? Does it look okay? Of course, now I need to ride the darn bike, if the weather ever cooperates. Riding a bike with just a coaster brake is a bit sketchy in wet weather.

2 thoughts on “A basket on a Bullmoose?

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  1. It looks great! The only way it could be more studly (but maybe less practical) would be to add some aggro knobbies. The Jens Voigt of utility bikes!

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