Boscofying the Crested Butte

It’s funny how things change. Barely two months ago, I was trying to sell the Raleigh Crested Butte. But lack of “bites” plus a change of heart caused me to reconsider the sale, so I’m keeping it. And now, in classic Granton fashion, I’m going from “trying to get rid of something” to “making upgrades.”

But as I’ve said from day one, the Crested Butte is not a perfect fit for me. The smallish frame height (either 19 or 20 inch, can’t figure out) combined with the longish top tube (23 inches or 58 cm) and slack geometry means I’ve been struggling to make it “right” for me. The original Bullmoose bars were just too far forward, the Civia Duponts ok, and the Surly Open Bars a detour in the wrong direction. So I have been eyeing the Nitto “Bosco” bars for awhile.

The Boscos have nine inches of back sweep. It’s roughly the same as the Duponts, but the big difference is there is no forward bend on the Boscos, so they come back much more. The Boscos also have a generous rise of four inches. Of course the thing that has prevented me from purchasing these bars sooner is the price, at about $70 for the chromoly version.* I looked around for something similar, but nothing came up besides Wald bars. And as fine as Wald bars are, I wanted something different for the Crested Butte. So in the beginning of December I bit the bullet, ordered them from Rivendell, and installed them.

The first impression is they are a very nice looking bar, and pretty darn comfortable. They have put me more upright than any other bars on this bike, possibly more upright than any other bike I’ve had in a long time. Lots of “real estate” on the bar, too. And they’ve been working out so far, alleviating some of the fit issues I’ve had with the Crested Butte.

And yes, I’ve said some. The problem now is that my saddle was a bit too far forward. I pushed the Brooks B17 (a new-to-me one I recently purchased) as far back on the rails as I could, but still it’s not far enough. The extant seatpost has 0 mm setback, which was fine for the Dupont bars, not so much for the Boscos. So I have another seatpost on order with a generous 30 mm setback.** Hopefully that will alleviate some of the “not back enough” feel, otherwise I might have to look for a shorter stem. And that won’t be easy, as it’s that oddball 21.1 diameter. Oh, early mountain bikes! I love you for so many things, but not for your non-standard sizings.

But adding Bosco bars aren’t the only thing going on. I’ve got a few other things I’m going to have done to the bike soon. And to think I was trying to sell this bike…

*Yep, I got the chromoly bars in the 55 cm width.

**The problem with this old mountain bike is that everything is weirdly sized. The seatpost diameter is 26.0, not a common one. And over the years I’ve had this bike, there has been some confusion as to what diameter seatpost I need, as the old one is 25.8. Thankfully Velo Cult took the seatpost off, unloosened the seatpost clamp completely, and fitted different posts until we figured out what’s the right one. Yeesh!


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  1. I’m catching up on some of your blogs, and now see you in fact didn’t sell your Crested Butte.

    Good luck getting this bike dialed in!

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