A change in the air.

wpid-wp-1448246556806.jpgThe winter season, or the approximation we see here in the wet side Northwest, is here. October is typically a decent month with temps hitting 70 a bunch, but then around the end of the month “the switch” turns on, and we get a few weeks of wet weather. This has been the case this year. Since Halloween, the weather has been wet more than dry, and we got our share of drenching days.

But after a few weeks of this high wet cycle, the rains go away for a bit, and dry but colder weather is ushered in. This morning I awoke to heavy fog and frost on the rooftops and grass. This was the first frost of the year. We don’t see a heck of a lot of frosts, especially compared to other parts of the country, but the first frost is always a good reminder that warm days are over for now. And the coming week is promising to be mostly dry, and chilly, with highs scraping the low 40’s F, and lows around freezing. I realize as the upper Midwest is getting pummeled with a good storm right now that this weather sounds almost balmy, but this is cold weather for Portland.

wpid-wp-1448246562966.jpgAnd I’m enjoying it. I wasn’t always one for the coming of winter, especially when I lived Back East. Winter was a mix of snow, slush, grey, and cold. While we see our share of grey and cool here, snow is infrequent and truly special when it happens. It’s a climate that you can still do outdoor activities all year, just be prepared for damp weather and cool but not frigid temps.

And paradoxically enough, this weather is getting me thinking about camping, as I haven’t been camping in a couple months. Up until a few years ago I didn’t outdoor camp during the winter months, but it’s actually enjoyable if you have the right gear, fire, and friends to enjoy it all with. And now that I’ve gotten used to the shorter days, it’s not as big a deal as camping in say late October where the lack of daylight is more a rude surprise than anything else.

I’m sure at some point I’ll get sick of the season, as I do any other. But for now I choose to embrace it.


2 thoughts on “A change in the air.

  1. Winter camping!! I’ve been scheming some of that too. PSYCHED about this weather and excited to play. 🙂 Let me know if you’re scheming anything specific– I want to come!

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