A Black & Cream Fall Ride and The Healing Powers of The Bicycle.

A nice story from Hugh down in SoCal.


Sam Hillborne Black & Cream Sam Hillborne Black & Cream

I can’t speak for other bloggery folk, but when I get feedback or a reader reaches out through the digital ether, well it just plain feels good!

Recently,  David Person from here in the Los Angeles area reached out while I was fully immersed on the Coffeeneuring Challenge and expressed a desire to get in a ride with other Rivendell folks, and yeah I fall into that category as I’m pretty darn Rivy.

Even though the timing didn’t work out to get in a Coffeeneuring ride together (I still need to submit all my rides to Mary) since I completed the challenge last weekend and I didn’t have time to get the other SoCal Riv riders organised for a group ride, David and I went ahead and scheduled a ride on Friday the 20th my day off.

A bit about David, standing at 6’2″ with long legs and an easy…

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One thought on “A Black & Cream Fall Ride and The Healing Powers of The Bicycle.

  1. Thanks for reposting Hugh’s article. I was surprised to see a pic of my bike on your blog. I hope you are thoroughly enjoying you new Bantam.

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