A Kelley Point Ramble and a bonus Coffeeneuring adventure

It’s November, and I’ve been feeling it. November is possibly the toughest months because of the onslaught of winter, which means short days and rain. Not only that, November can be stormy, and it has been just that. Wednesday November 18 was a niceish day in between two very soggy days. While I had many things I wanted/needed to accomplish, one thing I needed was a little bike ride. I cancelled the last two big rides due to weather, and haven’t had anything substantial since the Forest Park ride two weeks back. If anything, I needed a ride for my mental health!

I decided to head out to Kelley Point at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. It’s been a few months since I had been there, so a good excuse to go back up that way. Plus, this nine-mile ride to the Point has the benefit of being mostly bike paths the whole way there. In fact, only the first mile from my house is on streets. Low stress!

The ride there was pretty straightforward, a ride I’ve done dozens upon dozens of time. The only new and interesting thing was the bike path connection at North Denver Avenue. Previous to the new construction here, the options to continue on the bike path was either ride the wrong way on an off-ramp, or cross a very busy street that had no marked crossing. But now, that off-ramp is closed to cars, so bikes can use it stress free!

At Kelley Point, I had a tea break. This is the butt end of the Coffeeneuring Challenge, at least to those of us doing the rides mid-week. While I have fulfilled the obligation of seven coffeeneuring rides in during the challenge, why not a bonus one? I enjoyed a cup of Steven Smith Tea (Brahmin Blend) while watching tugboats and kayaks navigate the cold, cold waters.

From the Point I headed towards Saint Johns for food and beer. While most of this ride follows bike paths, bike lanes, or low-traffic streets, there is a very sketchy short connection along busy and shoulderless Columbia Blvd to get into Chimney Park. I really hope the city does something about this soon, because when they do, cyclists can have a seamless, mostly pleasant loop ride up to Kelley Point.

After the beer and food, I headed back to my house in the wet, dark night.

  • Distance: 22 mi/35.4 km
  • High temp: 52F/11C
  • Bike: Bantam Rambleneur
  • Tea: Steven Smith Brahmin Blend
  • Brewed via: Esbit stove/pot combo
  • Bike friendliness: Much of it bike paths.
  • Route map: Ride With GPS

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