Chehalem Ridge Ramble CANCELLED for this Saturday

Hello all, I hate cancelling rides, but the weather forecast for Saturday is looking pretty dire. Now, I realize it’s November, and we should expect some degree of precipitation. But there’s a difference between “some degree of precipitation” and “deluge”. And the National Weather Service has this to say about Saturday: “RAIN RATES FOR AREAS NORTH OF SALEM MAY BE COMPARABLE TO
WHAT WAS OBSERVED ON HALLOWEEN.” And if you forgot, we got about TWO INCHES of rain on Saturday October 31st.

I had to lead one ride earlier this year on a day we got two inches of rain. About five minutes in, everybody wondered what the hell they were doing, and we started to look for a place to be indoors. The Chehalem Ridge Ramble is a ride that will afford us few opportunities to do so.

So, with all that, I’m going to cancel the Chehalem Ridge Ramble for this Saturday, November 14. There will be more opportunities for a ride like this later in the season, so I hope to reschedule. Keep your eye out for it!


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