I has a store!

newoldstock_1Hello friends! I’ve been “making things” since 1997, when the first issue of my comic TEN FOOT RULE came out. And I still have been making comix, zines, and other things in the span of those 18 years (ugh.) though I have slowed down a bit over the past few. But I still have stuff!

If you remember “back in the day” I had a primitive store on my old blogger blog, pasted together with Paypal buttons. Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t allow you to do the same thing, so I had been on a search for a proper storefront typed site for awhile, though I had not been in any particular hurry. But I finally got my act together and set up an online storefront via Storenvy. And now it’s live! I’m still working on “populating” it with goods, but right now you can actually buy stuff.

So I encourage you to check it out. And fear not, if you forget about this post, just look at the menu on this blog, it will always be readily available!


3 thoughts on “I has a store!

  1. Yay! I saw the zines on your other site and wondered if you still had them. It’ll go nicely on my zine spot (too tiny to call it a library). I make zines, too, but I haven’t made anything bike-related as of yet.

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