Not letting go after all?

15211284613_2de72b2acc_kLast time we checked in, I was letting go of my beloved Raleigh Crested Butte mountain bike. It was too small/big, it was redundant, I should concentrate on the new Bantam Rambleneur and other projects. So early in October I got it ready to sell, and posted it to the appropriate outlets.

And it’s November, and the bike has not sold. I knew it would be a little hard since we’re moving into the “not prime” season for selling bikes, but I was hoping that if I priced it right, it would sell. Nope. I did get a few bites, but aside from one test ride, nothing happened. What to do? It would be nice if I could sell it.

Then, about a week ago, I visited the Bike Commuter in Sellwood. They had for display a Raleigh Teton from the same era, all chromed out! The Teton was in the middle of “Mountain Tour” series with lesser componentry, but still a nice steed. And looking at that bike made me have second thoughts about selling it, at least for now.

And I realized a few things: I didn’t want to keep on lowering the price in order for it to sell. While I’m somewhat broke, I’m also not desperate for cash. I don’t want to get into the same situation as I did when I was selling the Long Haul Trucker a couple years back. I underpriced the bike because I needed the cash NOW, and yet even with that low price and how “loaded” it was, I STILL got people wanting to lowball me! That seems to be the nature of the game: Once you have brought the price down to “too low”, people want it for nothing. Unh uh, not doing that again.

Also, I do have plenty of space in my house, so it’s not like I need to get rid of the Crested Butte because I have no place to put bikes. No, it’s the opposite with my house. I could probably pack a few dozen more bikes into the basement if I wanted to, but of course I don’t want to. Four is a good number of bikes to have right now. Three would be better, but see what I said above.

And finally, I still like the Crested Bike. It’s a beautiful machine with quality components. While the fit isn’t the best, I can still make it work. It’s not going to be the daily driver, but something that will get occasional use. A bike now ridden more for fun than utility.

And I’ll re-evaluate my relationship with the Crested Butte come spring, when it’s a better time to sell a bike. For now, it’s one of the fleet again.


2 thoughts on “Not letting go after all?

  1. Sort of hope you hang onto it as it was a kinda blue print for my build. But I get the overlap and less than ideal fit. Seems selling a bike you never get what it’s worth. Or our perceived sense of its value.

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