Chehalem Ridge Ramble II, Sat 14 Nov

2014-11-22 11.49.52Hey all! Last year I led the first Chehalem Ridge Ramble ride. It was fun enough to do again!

We’ll be meeting at Hale’s Restaurant in Hillsboro, 2755 SE Tualatin Valley Highway at 8 am on Saturday November 14, 2015 for breakfast. You can use the MAX to get out there, either the Washington/SE 12th Ave stop or Fair Complex/Hillsboro Airport stop (slightly longer distance.) We’ll spend an hour eating, so departure from Hale’s at 9 am. (If you don’t want to eat breakfast, meet at Hale’s by 9.)

Other items to note:

  • This will be a mixed terrain, mixed surface ride. While knobbies won’t be needed, I’d probably not recommend any tire narrower than 35 mm, unless you are one of those hardcore cyclist that like to ride 25 mm tires on gravel or something.
  • There’s only one ascension over the Chehalem Ridge this year, vs. the two last year. This time via Finnigan Hill Road, which looks like gravel.
  • Once atop the ridge, a slight detour to Bald Peak, highest point in the mountains, since it was fun the last time we did it. We could eat lunch there. If the feeling isn’t there and/or it’s miserable, we could cut it out.
  • Descend via Tykeson/Dopp, a new to me route.
  • Cross over Route 47 to loop Oleson/Canyonview/Oak Hill/Wms Cyn/South. We did Williams Canyon and South Road last time, it was nice. (We’d be avoiding that morass section.)
  • Stop in Gaston for snacks, etc. This would probably be the only “service” stop en route.
  • Come back via Spring Hill/Fern Hill/etc. This would avoid going back over the Ridge.
  • Route as plotted is about 55 miles. We could tighten that up a bit by cutting out Bald Peak and/or removing the Williams Canyon loop. Removing the Wms Cyn loop means reducing some good gravel, though.
  • Maybe when we get back in town eat at Goose Hollow Inn?

Do you want to come? Have questions? Please leave a comment below, or email me directly at

Preliminary routing via Ride With GPS.


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