Only three more days of sale priced memberships!

Society Of Three Speeds

wpid-wp-1446929950036.jpgHey all! Just a friendly reminder that the membership sale ends at 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Monday, November 30th! Memberships are $7 in the US and $11 rest of world. Go to my store to get in! (Sale price only available if you purchase through the online store.)

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Rediscovering the Crested Butte

It's sort of funny: I've talked about the death of the Crested Butte many a time over the past couple years, yet I still have the bike. Well, "death" may be too strong a word, but I have definitely talked about selling the bike, and did actually try to sell it in October, but that... Continue Reading →

A change in the air.

The winter season, or the approximation we see here in the wet side Northwest, is here. October is typically a decent month with temps hitting 70 a bunch, but then around the end of the month "the switch" turns on, and we get a few weeks of wet weather. This has been the case this... Continue Reading →

A Black & Cream Fall Ride and The Healing Powers of The Bicycle.

A nice story from Hugh down in SoCal.


Sam Hillborne Black & Cream Sam Hillborne Black & Cream

I can’t speak for other bloggery folk, but when I get feedback or a reader reaches out through the digital ether, well it just plain feels good!

Recently,  David Person from here in the Los Angeles area reached out while I was fully immersed on the Coffeeneuring Challenge and expressed a desire to get in a ride with other Rivendell folks, and yeah I fall into that category as I’m pretty darn Rivy.

Even though the timing didn’t work out to get in a Coffeeneuring ride together (I still need to submit all my rides to Mary) since I completed the challenge last weekend and I didn’t have time to get the other SoCal Riv riders organised for a group ride, David and I went ahead and scheduled a ride on Friday the 20th my day off.

A bit about David, standing at 6’2″ with long legs and an easy…

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REMINDER: Three Speed Pub Crawl this Sunday

Society Of Three Speeds

threespeedpubcrawlHey folks! Don’t forget about the pub crawl happening this Sunday, November 15!

Please meet at Hedge House, 3412 SE Division St, Portland OR 97202. Meet time is 4 pm. The distance isn’t going to be long, maybe five miles, but it’s not a loop. We shall end near transit. We’ll hit up at least three pubs, because a pub crawl without a minimum of three pubs is no pub crawl at all!

And yeah, it will be dark, and the forecast is showers, high 49F/9C, so make all the appropriate appropriations. Drink responsibly, and it’s never a bad idea to buy your leader an ale.

SPECIAL NOTE: A few folks have said they may not be able to make it to the start but might want to catch up later. I will say with certainty that we’ll be at the Hedge House until 5, maybe even a bit later (Happy…

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