Coffeeneuring 2015, Week 2: A Two-fer

Yes, while other folks are posting their Week 3 rides, I’m just getting to Week 2! Remember that my “weekend” falls mid-week, since I’m not one of those lucky ones that gets weekends off. And to make it special, I did two Coffeeneuring rides the past week, one on each of my “days off”.

The first one occurred on Tuesday October 13th. I didn’t have a lot of free time but did have to do some errands. So I decided to squeeze in a coffee run alongside the errands. An errandonnee coffeeneur, if you will. (Or is it a coffeeneuring errandonne? I’ll let Mary decide.) The “whip” this time would be my Schwinn Heavy Duti, since I wanted the carrying capacity of the giant Wald front basket. I stopped by Posies on N Denver Ave in the heart of the Kenton neighborhood, where I filled up my insulated Klean Kanteen coffee mug full of Ristretto Roaster’s Beaumont Blend. Then I paused over at the Dead Madrona Tree at Rivendell Ridge to enjoy the coffee and a snack, and look at the color starting to change. It’s starting to look like fall, but with a high of 71F/22C, it doesn’t exactly feel like it! On one hand, I’d like to wear my tweed jacket, on the other hand, I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to still wear shorts and sandals!

Oh Heavy Duti, one reason I love ya is because you’re simple and I don’t have to do much to maintain you. That is, of course, until things break. I was on the last half-mile back to home when I heard something snap as I started to move after stopped at the light at MLK. Damn, my pedal broke, the body loose from the spindle. Looks like the spindle cracked at the end. Well, thankfully it’s mostly downhill. But now I need a new pedal!

Ride 2A, Tuesday 13 October 2015:

  • Bike taken: Schwinn Heavy Duti
  • Distance: 8.9 mi/14.3 km
  • High temp: 71F/22C
  • Coffee bought at: Posies Cafe
  • Coffee type: Drip, Ristretto Beaumont Blend (with a bit o cream and sugar)
  • Coffee enjoyed at: The Dead Madrona Tree
  • Bike friendliness: Mostly bike lanes or low traffic streets
  • Route map: Ride With GPS

And one ride wasn’t enough, I got a bonus one in! I wasn’t planning to, but then Oliver called for a Sunrise Coffee meetup on Wednesday morning (October 14), so I took the call. Sunrise was 7:25 am, which isn’t too bad, but I still had to get up earlier than I normally would, as the coffee spot would be the picnic area on the NE side of Mount Tabor, the spot that would have the best view of sunrise. While I moan about getting up early, it is nice to be out on the road before or during the time the rest of the city is waking up. The streets feel different, for sure. And a lot quieter!

I got to the spot just before 7:25. Oliver was the only one there. Alas, the morning was cloudy so there was no good sunrise. But it was still fun hanging out and making coffee before the day starts!

Ride 2B, Wednesday 14 October 2015:

  • Bike taken: Bantam Rambleneur
  • Distance: 8.3 mi/13.4 km
  • Ambient temp at the time: 52F/12C
  • Coffee type: Trader Joe’s French Roast
  • Prepared via: Esbit coffee maker (aka Kaffeemaschine)
  • Bike friendliness: So quiet so early!
  • Route map: Ride With GPS

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