Bikey visits

Aaah! I got back to town Saturday afternoon from the big Eastern Oregon tour (more to come this week, including the uploading of much more photos), went promptly to work to help with our annual Bike-In Movie, and have mostly been working the last few days. I haven’t had time to breathe.

And on top of that, what little free time I’ve had has been entertaining house guests. (Mind you: I am not complaining about house guests!) Or house guest, to be specific: My friend Kathleen from Toronto, whom I have known for about a decade. She works/is co-owner of Urbane Cyclist there, and was out on the West Coast for Interbike, so she decided to come up to Portland for a few days.

And now she’s off! She departed from Portland on Monday morning on her sparkly Surly Travelers Check. She’s off to Seattle, where she’ll spend a few more days. And man, she is touring light. Besides her frame bag, she’s got a brand-new Arkel bikepacking handlebar bag (it’s not even officially out yet, she picked it up from Interbike!) So if you see her on the road, wave hi.

And today? Today I catch my breath.


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