Rambleneuring and rains.

We’ve gotten some rain here the past few days. Yeah, some of you may be rolling your eyes and going “But doesn’t it rain all the time in the Pacific Northwest?” Well, no. Summers are pretty dry, and this summer has been dry dry. So rain at the end of August has been quite the relief.

And I guess I’ve lived in this town too long because I appreciate the rain when it comes back. The temperature goes down a bit (and believe me, with a full month’s worth of 90+ F days, that’s a relief!) and the air smells fresher. I love that wet “piney” smell, it’s better than the “hot” piney smell, for sure. And while we lose the view of Mount Hood, the sky makes up for it in its overall moodiness.

I’ve been trying to ride around the brand-new Bantam Rambleneur as much as I can, putting it through the paces. I took it up to Mount Tabor on Sunday during a break in the rains. It was fun, of course. Those fat cushy tires did well on the unpaved paths around the hill. Afterwards I made a detour to one of my favorite secret parks, Rosemont Bluff in Montavilla. There’s a small section of singletrack leading down the hillside, and the bike handled with aplomb. It also did well on the rough path behind the Rose City Golf Course and on the various sections of “rough stuff” that make up the Cully neighborhood.

On Monday night I rolled over to ye old Rivendell Ridge in North Portland for obligatory “fashion” shots, then rolled it down into the bottoms for a li’l off-roading fun.

What can I say, this bike is fun!


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