Dead Freeways Ride, Sunday 9 August

It’s been a few year’s since I’ve done a Dead Freeways Ride, so now is a good time as ever, as learning about our transportation history is always relevant. I realize there is quite a bit going on this Sunday, but maybe you can make some time to join us? (Hint: You’ve got time to check out the Rivelo/Tillikum Crossing preview and ride over to PSU, we leave at 4:30.)
Sunday August 9
meet at 4pm, departing promptly at 4:30 pm (approx 3 hours)
South Park Blocks in front of Lincoln Hall (PSU), 900 SW Market St
What if…Portland built all the freeways it planned? This approx 10 mile ride follows the routes of several highways that never made it off the drawing board, such as the fabled Mt. Hood Freeway, some that did but were later removed, like Harbor Drive, and also as a reference some freeways that currently exist. We’ll see the parallels of the past freeway fights with what’s going on with current and future projects. At the end we’ll stop for food/drinks and talk.mt_hood_freeway

I love to hear from you!

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