Curing those halfway through summer blues (and the upcoming San Juans trip)

14850810189_8ac3a7a432_kIt’s nearing the end of July. That means summer here in the Northern Hemisphere is halfway done. And like most summers (excepting 2011, the Cross-Continent Tour summer), I feel like I haven’t done nearly enough. Well, I always feel like I’m not doing nearly enough, but there is only so much time to do summer stuff, and as August nears, this feeling becomes more acute. It’s always a bit of a letdown, after the elation from early spring and vows of doing as much outdoors as possible. (Of course, it doesn’t help that this summer has been hotter than most.)

And I only camped once in July, where my schedule allowed. I didn’t camp at all in June, despite wanting to (and vowing to camp each month.) No use beating myself up over what I haven’t done, but the time for further action is now.

Thankfully, stuff will be happening. I have the Eastern Oregon tour in mid-September and the Three Speed Camping Trip in August.

But most importantly, next week I’ll be heading up north for a four day biking adventure around the San Juan Islands. I’ve been going to the San Juans the past couple summers, and it’s fast becoming one of my favorite Cascadia travel destinos. This time around there will be two new wrinkles: I’ll be going to Orcas Island for the first time, and I’ll be staying indoors at hostels the whole trip through. Yes, a true “inn-to-inn” tour! It will be nice to “tour” for once without lugging camping gear around. Yeah, I’ll miss camp sunsets and breakfasts, but they’ll happen again somewhere else.

I’ll be leaving Portland on Sunday July 26, heading up to Seattle via Amtrak where I’ll overnight. Monday morning I’ll get up to Orcas Island and be there through Tuesday night. On Wednesday I’ll ferry over to San Juan Island to spend the day. On Thursday I’ll get back over to the mainland (unfortunately not enough time for a Lopez Island trip this time, plus there are no hostels there) and head back to Seattle for an overnight, then return to Portland Friday morning. Barring any issues, it should be a blast! And I will update y’all on the road.

So summer ain’t dead yet!


One thought on “Curing those halfway through summer blues (and the upcoming San Juans trip)

  1. “And like most summers…I feel like I haven’t done nearly enough.” Oh, don’t I know this feeling. As I type this short missive, I’m preparing to head in to work. It’s my first day back from summer break, for all intents and purposes my summer ended yesterday and now the long haul that takes me through fall semester and spring semester, along with the accompanying winter. Where, oh where, does the time go so quickly? Enjoy yourself – it’s later than you think!

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