Bike Camp Cookout ride report, 13 July 2015

The whole idea around this edition of the Bike Camp Cookout was to entertain out of town guests. Hugh, aka socalpedalpusher was in town with his wife. And Curtis, aka Curtis, was in town to pick up his new Bantam bicycle and ride down the coast. We had a good crew of a dozen or so at the meeting place, Kenilworth Park on SE Holgate. From there I led everyone on a ramble southward through the Reed College campus and then down to the Springwater Corridor trail.

A quick westbound trip on the Springwater led us to our destino, Johnson Creek Park in Sellwood. I love this little obscure park because it is where the eastside’s only two extant creeks, Crystal Springs  and Johnson, meet. There is a little bridge over Crystal Springs to get to the small peninsula between the two streams, and that is where we cooked.

Most of the stoves seen were alcohol, but Andy and Chele outdid everyone else by bringing a classic car-camping staple, the Coleman double burner, with a cast-iron skillet! I made my classic instant polenta with veggie sausage. Hugh and his wife Irene made an Indian yogurt concoction. Elodie and Ben made some sausage and veggies. And yes, there was beer!

We hung out until after sundown. My only regret was not wearing my sandals so I could wade through the creeks!


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