So damn hot.

capture-noaa070515Many Pacific Northwesterners joke about the month of “Juneuary”. June ’round these parts is typically a mixed bag–some very nice, summerish days interspersed with wet and cool days. It’s hard to plan for nice weather in June.

But this June was much different. It rained only the first two days of the month, the rest of the month was dry and generally sunny. And a lot of it was HOT, with highs in the 80s. And the last two weeks have been even hotter, with highs usually in the 90s, getting pretty close to 100 a few times.

Now 90’s aren’t uncommon here in the summer, but it’s rare to get so much heat so early, and so consistently. And we seem to be the “hot” part of the country, too. On Saturday I was looking at the national temperature map, and around 5pm PDT we were hotter than Tucson. Now granted, it was by one degree (93F vs 92F) and 92F is sort of cool for summer in Tucson (maybe they just had a monsoon?)* But still.

While it’s been a dry heat, it has been getting to me. And I haven’t felt the urge to do much outside, yet I’ve been jonesing for an adventure. And for some camping, preferably near swimming. I’d really like to go camping on Tuesday night, but where can I go that’s not too far and not cook myself on the way there? Yeah, sure, I should just get up early to beat the heat, but that’s always a tough challenge for this not-a-morning-person. I’d really like to get out to the beach where it will definitely be cooler, but there’s a party I want to go to on Wednesday night, and in order for me to really enjoy the coast, I want to be there for at least two nights.

The heat hasn’t just affected my outdoor pursuits, it’s also affected my indoor pursuits as well. I’m become quite lethargic when it omes to creative stuff. So that means I haven’t been writing for this blog as much as I should. I still need to finalize my Pepin and Pedalpalooza thoughts, and hopefully that will happen soon.

Thankfully, relief is in sight. It’s supposed to only get up to the mid-80’s later this week. Never have I been so thankful for that temp!

*Those lucky bastards, getting rain!


3 thoughts on “So damn hot.

  1. Some lucky bastards ARE getting rain – lots and lots and LOTS of it down here in the Midwest, so much that some entire towns have been evacuated. Then it warms up into the 90’s for a couple days, with around 500% humidity before pouring down buckets again. Momma Nature likes to throw in high winds and a few tornadoes just for good measure while she’s at it. But I’m with you when it comes to the 90’s and beyond: energy sucking conditions at the very best!

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