A quick one: En route to Seattle on Amtrak

The parting shot: Leaving Portland on Amtrak Cascades train 508 to Seattle at 6:50 pm. Then tomorrow, Orcas Island! Excited. Quite a few cyclists on the train, too. Ran into Lynne Fitzsimmons leaving the train (it originated in Eugene) and a dude with an S&S'ed adventure bike. Dude next to me has a Nitto Hat... Continue Reading →

When blogs go dark

Over the five years that I've been really involved with this blogging world, I've seen more than a handful of blogs wither away. Maybe the person's interests had changed, or they felt like they said all they could say, or they just didn't have the time, or they just didn't care anymore. It happens, it's... Continue Reading →

You’re going too fast!

I am not a fast cyclist. I've never been a fast cyclist, and never really aspire to be one. I'm not into racing (one of my least favorite things about July is having to pretend I care about TdF because bicycles). If I am riding with people and speed is any bit a factor, I'm... Continue Reading →

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