Bike Camp Cookout, Monday July 13

Remember the camp cookout ride I led last summer? Y’know, the successful one, not the failed one that happened during Pedalpalooza. Well, I didn’t do one during Pedalpalooza this year, since the Country Bike Ramble had the “camp cookout” component. But few people actually cooked at the Country Bike Ramble. So why not do one in July? Especially since we’ll have an “honored out of town guest” for this one!

The deets:

Monday July 13
Meet at 6 pm, ride at 6:30 pm sharp
Kenilworth Park, SE 34th and Holgate Blvd. (Meet atop brick comfort station)
One of the best parts of bike camping and touring is making meals. Here’s a chance to do that without actually going camping! Ride 5 miles to a mystery park destination where we’ll make dinner. Nerd out over camping stove setups and impress everyone with the feast you’ll craft! Please note: camping stove required, not a grill/hibachi. And no dehydrated/”instant” meals that you bought at REI. Get creative! Note: No grocery stop, come prepared!

Ryan cooks, Coconut Bill watches.

Ryan cooks, Coconut Bill watches.

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