The problem with more than one bike.

wpid-wp-1434251837313.jpgIn the years that I’ve been biking in Portland (fourteen, if you are counting), for most of that time I have owned at least two bikes. And the one biggest benefit of having more than one bike is if something goes wrong with one, you can ride the other until you get the other fixed.

The big caveat is “until you get the other fixed.”

I haven’t ridden the Raleigh Wayfarer three speed since I got back from the midwest at the end of May. Part of it was because I pretty much rode it exclusively for a month, so I was eager to get back on my other primary bike, the Raleigh Crested Butte “mountain” bike. And part of it was there were a couple issues with the Wayfarer: a slow leak and a broken cork grip, both of which needed to be tackled before I could ride it again. So I hung it up “for now” and rode the Crested Butte.

But now the Crested Butte is having an issue, namely the seatpost. Over the week the binder bolt holding saddle to seatpost has been loosening up mid-ride, meaning nose going way-up and getting, er, personal with my personal bits. Not comfortable, and not safe. And on further analysis, what I feared was the problem was actually the problem: the “teeth” that keep the saddle in place have stripped. So it’s not going to hold anymore. Eh. I’ve done this to a number of seatposts due to a combination of loaded saddlebags, “rough stuff”, and my fat ass. The only thing to do is replace the seatpost (and with something better this time!) The big problem is the seatpost is a non-standard size (26.0), which means I have to order it. And I don’t want to ride the bike in the interim, because of the obvious.

So that’s fine, because I can just hop on my Wayfarer–wait, no, I haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet! Well, I’ve halfway fixed it, as I patched the tube, but I still need to mount the wheel, and glue on the grip. And I haven’t had time lately, with work and Pedalpalooza. I can get to it in a few days, but that’s still “a few days”.

But thankfully–thankfully! I have another other bike: The Schwinn Heavy Duti. Yes, it’s a bear of a bike (less so than you’d think), but I can ride that around for a few days. But I better get one of those other bikes fixed before something happens to it!

But if I had only one bike? I might be off of it for a day because of an issue, but you better bet your ass I’m bringing it down to the shop as soon as I can to get it fixed!


5 thoughts on “The problem with more than one bike.

  1. I understand completely about the need for alternative bicycles when one needs TLC. However, I still toy with the idea of owning a single bike. There’s something appealing about keeping a singular bike in tip top shape.

  2. Ha ha ha ha. Drat all my bikes have a flat at the same time. What to do? Nothing of course as you have been as each bike went down. Start walking, can’t remember that far back but maybe walking is why I got bikes in the first place. What a quandary but I don’t want to give up laziness no matter how this works out.

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