Pedalpalooza 2015 Week One wrap-up

Hello folks. Last time I left you, I had just woken up butt-early and rode to Rocky Butte for Sunrise Coffee, officially the first event of Pedalpalooza. Technically the first week wraps up tonight (Wednesday), but I don’t know if I’ll go on the Waterways Real and Metaphoric Ride. (That depends if I get my deadline art assignment done in a timely manner, which usually doesn’t happen with me!) So here’s how my first week of Pedalpalooza shaped up:

Sunday June 7: It was my Heavy Duty ride, the first time I did a ride based around industrial cruisers like my very own Heavy Duti. There was stiff competition, as the uber-popular Grilled By Bike ride happened at the same time. Also, it was HOT, as we’ve had our first true heat wave of the summer over the weekend, highs in the low 90’s F. Still, about a dozen folks showed up at Union Station and we took a cruise through industrial NW, with two (two!) beer stops. My only regret is that besides myself, there were no true industrial cruisers. Maybe next time?

Monday June 8: This year’s installment of the Country Bike Ramble, one of my favorite reoccurring rides. Another hot day, but almost 20 people showed up. I was a bit worried at the beginning, as the only folks there were “true” mountain bikers. Would my ride have enough “gnar” to satisfy them? Well, I guess it did, as there was a good “wahoo” factor going down unpaved SE 37th Ave (including one big jump that happened in front of my eyes). Anyways, we then ambled down the Springwater. hit up Cartlandia to get food, and then rode up to Powell Butte. And the timing was perfect: we got to the top around 7:45 pm, the heat of the day had just passed, so it was okay to hang out in the sunny meadow, look at the mountains, eat food, and watch the sun go down. A perfect summer night.

And yep, the only events I have done during the first week of Pedalpalooza are the ones I have led. But I won’t be leading anything the next week, and you better believe that I’m going to be going on some other folks’ rides!


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