Wisconsin by Three Speed – Part 2

Yeah, I still need to write something up! But in the meantime, enjoy Pondero’s recap!


1 You might want to go grab a cup of coffee, this could take awhile.  It seems I snapped a lot of photos during the last day and a half, and I was only able to omit a few.

At the end of the last post, Shawn and I had left Steve behind at a hotel in Wilton battling “vertigo”.  Ahead of us lay a small battle of loaded three speed bikes against “vertical”, but it didn’t exactly start out that way.

IMG_9305IMG_9307IMG_9310IMG_9312IMG_9314IMG_9317IMG_9318 At first, the roads were relatively mild, but we could see larger, steeper hills of Wildcat Mountain State Park as we approached Ontario.  Since our bodies were low on fuel, a small park in Ontario seemed a good place to pause a bit.

IMG_9319 Over lunch, Shawn launched a brilliant plan to make a route change.  Something seemed to compel us to explore the abandoned highway trail along the Kickapoo…

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A Wall Street Journal article about modern, simple, practical bikes. And it happens to feature, uh, me!

Society Of Three Speeds

Appearing in print tomorrow, a story about modern “simple” bikes and the resurgence of basic, practical bikes like three speeds. My quotes are at the end of the article. As others have pointed out, its sort of funny that I’m quoted about fixies, but hey, I talked for about a half hour about all things three speed s, and that’s what made the cut!


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