Sunrise Coffee, Thursday June 4

When my alarm went off at 3:45 am, I had to ask myself if I was crazy for scheduling a ride so damn early. But sunrise waits for no one, I was on Mr. Sun’s schedule. And people were expecting me. So up I got, rolling out the door in the predawn hours. Rocky Butte was about 7 miles from my house, and I rolled on streets I normally wouldn’t ride later in the day, since they’d be busy.

Since I needed coffee for work, I decided to swing by Safeway on the way, since the internets said it was open 24 hours. Well, the internets was wrong. And I didn’t bring any beans! I stopped at the convenience store, but all they had was Folgers, and that wouldn’t do. Feeling stupid, I grabbed some tolerable hot coffee and hope someone brought extra beans.

I got to the top of Rocky Butte at about 5:10 am. There were already three people up there! Eventually there would be ten folks in all, and yes, there was extra coffee. It had been cloudy and rainy the past few days, so I wasn’t expecting much from sunrise. But there was enough of a break in the clouds to get a five minute window of actual sunrise. And a glorious five minutes it was.

Soon people packed up their gear, said goodbyes, and descended the hill. A fine start to a fine summer day. A fine start to Pedalpalooza. Now I just need to work on becoming a morning person! 😉

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  1. Well done! That looks like an excellent spot for sunrise coffee, and I wish I was there. But isn’t 3:45 pretty early even for morning persons?

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