Turns to Gold

Hey kids, just wanted those of you in the Portland area to know about a new bike camping/touring group! It's name is Turns to Gold, and they've been doing some cool overnighters and mini-tours the past few months. I hope to be able to go on a ride at some point with them. They have... Continue Reading →

Wisconsin by Three Speed – Part 1

I’m still (still!) getting around to posting the photos and writing about this tour. For now, read Pondero’s account of the first half of it!


IMG_9222 I wanted to differentiate my Instagram posts for this part our our tour experience from the Lake Pepin Three Speed Tour with a unique hashtag.  I chose #WIx3spd.  Since the three of us traveled a goodly distance to participate in the Lake Pepin event, we decided to make the most of our travels by adding on three more days of self-supported touring in the SW Wisconsin Driftless Region.  This post covers roughly half of that.

IMG_9223 We arrived at the Goose Island Campground near La Crosse in the dark, and in the midst of a cold front blowing in with force.  The warm, humid air of the Red Wing/Wabasha area was quickly being replaced with unseasonably coolness.  It was a blustery 40 degrees as we brewed our coffee, ate our breakfast, and sorted our gear for departure.

IMG_9226IMG_9228 We finally did escape for our journey, but needed to traverse La Crosse from…

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